Sunday, June 21, 2009

Schedules suck, and a new comment!

Reading up all that E3 jazz has been insanely time consuming, made worse because I'm trying to write about it all.

Anyway, yesterday marks my #10 article published for, so I need to pat myself on the back for that. Read up on it here.

Now, onto more awesome news. I noticed a comment was left under my Misogyny #2 post. Thanks very much Yunafire for that comment. I'd like to address a few points.

-Personally I think Ashe could be a great female lead were she not burdened with seeing her dead husband every five minutes

-I would agree that Ashe could be a great female lead too. She is head-strong, ambitious, and a skilled fighter to boot. Her husband is a major motivator for her, as well as the restoration of her throne and people. As far as the ghost-husband thing, well, that's actually a story related vision she gets which I won't spoil for you. It's much more than just dramatic effect.

-And she can't wield the big, heavy Sword of Kings, only the smaller thinner ones. Ahem, symbolic imagery, much?

-About the Sword of Kings: well, it's a big fucking sword. Absolutely massive. I think that she couldn't use it in the cutscene was simply to imply how big/ heavy the blade actually was. I think she can weild it during the game, though can't she? (I though I equipped her with it during play, only to find that it sucked).

And about her not handling big and heavy swords, but only small, thin ones, well that just implies.... that she can't handle.... that she's not.... I wont get into that, LOL. I know what you mean though, innuendos and all.

The problem with Ashe is the problem I have with FFXII; the story is much too sparse. It really does feel like an MMO, where you play with only tidbits of story given to you at critical points. Some elements should have been introduced much, much earlier. (Venaat, and the Occuria), and some elements needed expanding. The characters in particular get just enough screen time to establish their personalities, but I don't feel any genuine development as the story progresses. They're just... there. The game doesn't focus on the war or it's people much either, (again only at critical points), so in the end I walk away from FFXII wanting a bit more.

So I wish we knew more about Ashe than what little the game gives us. If she and the other characters had more screen time, and more life and emotion in the scenes that they are involved with, than the story and characters of FFXII would be excellent.

-Oh, and on the idea that Balthier isn't pretty enough for yaoi, I'm here to tell you, that's far from the case. And I only know that through...uh, research. Yeah.

-About the yaoi thing, well lets just say I know full well how pretty and, um, open minded Balthier can be. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but, yeah.... But I think the fact that he is a suave, smooth-talking badass makes him harder to relate to, (for the average teenage FF consumer), than a blunt little teen-prick. Who is prettier. And less manly.

-To me, Vaan isn't the main character at all. He's merely a way for the audience's questions to be answered.
-I hate Vaan. He definitely isn't the central character, but that the story is told more-or-less through his eyes irks me to hell. He's unnecessary, or at least he would be if we were given Balthier or Ashe instead.

Glad you liked the post, and thanks for reading, Yunafire and all!
Happy father's day!

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