Monday, September 14, 2009

First 15 minutes of Bayonetta


Sega's Ninja Lawyers, I swear. They took it down pretty much the same day.

Anyway, let me give a somewhat brief and vague description, at least.

The trailer starts off with the old "long since erased" intro, with Bayonetta and Jeanne looking into the far-off moon. An army of angels is fast approaching, and the camera turns to reveal both of the women, standing on a falling clock tower, ready to fight. And fight they do. Holy shit it's cool. As they fight, (and it looks like you actually control Bayonetta in this sequence), you hear about the backstory between clans. Some dispute arose between them, which caused a rift, which led to a war. The Umbra clan was victorious, until they were targetted by common folk and murdered during witch hunts. The Umbra witches were wiped out. All save for one.

Switch to modern day. We have Bayonetta, (in a nun outfit), praying in a graveyard. Enzo, a greasy italian "buisnessman", is talking all sorts of shit. (I swear, his lines are fucking hilarious). Apparently, Bayonetta is summoning the angels down to her, and they respond, with more hilarity from Enzo.

She dashes into the air, kicks ass, and transforms (bombastically), into the outfit we know and love her for. More fighting and Rodin rises from the grave (with a coffin full of guns). Talking, teasing, and still more fighting, and that concludes the intro, and the game dives into more action.


I am literally watching this as I post. So freakin' sweet!

Holy shit it's awesome. I can't tell you how badly I want this game. The second coming of action, indeed.

And here is part 2! Props to Rikarikachu from Youtube for the upload.

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