Monday, August 2, 2010

Dracozombie's last two weeks in gaming: July 18-31

Umm... well, I forgot to write in my blog last week. I know I said I wouldn't not write, but unfortunately, I did. Lucky for you, I'll post double the normal amount of ass-kicking gaming content in a single post! I know, I spoil you. But there is no such thing as "too much of a good thing," I say.

I posted my hands-on preview of Mafia II, which I play-tested a few weeks prior. I have to say that, despite the awkward faces/lip movement, the game looks fantastic. Good combat, good voice acting, interesting story, and great look.

The weekly Japanese comic and game magazine Shonen Jump, revealed some interesting info on Namco's popular Tales series. Tales of Graces is headed to PS3s, a new Tales game is in the works (also for the PS3), and more.

I updated this column like mad these last two weeks, LOL.

The Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep website updated with some awesome gameplay demonstrations:
The mobile Kingdom Hearts title, Coded, is getting a graphical face-lift. As you can see by the awesome trailer, the gameplay is perhaps the most varied of any in the series.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, the newest and sweetest clash between the legendary companies, has revealed two new characters in the fighting universe. Amaterasu, (yes, mother-fucking Ammy, goddess of the sun in wolf form and heroine of the awesome Okami), and the thunder-god badass Thor.

San Diego's Comic Con revealed some cool stuff, but the Street Fighter Vs. Tekken trailer raised more than a fair share of eyebrows. Yes, Street Fighter. Yes, Tekken.

Speaking of Okami, the DS sequel Okamiden has recently revealed a new gameplay trailer, and is so over-the-top cute I can't say much other than... damned, that's cute. Really, though, Chibi is the cutest puppy-wolf-god ever.

Halo: Reach, the latest and greatest title in the acclaimed Halo series has released it's launch trailer, and the game looks pretty damned sweet. The scale is incredible, so don't miss it.

TERA, the awesome action MMORPG from South Korea is being published by En Masse Entertainment in North America. However, it is being published by Frogster Entertainment in Europe, known primarily for their free-to-play titles.

DC Universe Online, the action MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive, is (or rather, was) accepting registration for their beta later this year. They are also offering ass-loads of pre-order goodies should you decide to reserve the game.

Heroes of Three Kingdoms, based on the heavily romanticized "Three Kingdoms" era of Chinese history, entered open beta testing on July 27th.

Frogster took notice of the negative press from European TERA fans, and made a formal address on TERA's official forums to explain what exactly they would be doing in collaboration with En Masse and Blue Hole regarding localizing the game.

The Vindictus article I wrote a few weeks back got some good attention, so I was asked to whip up another article on the subject. Fortunately, the official Vindictus website uploaded some character and gameplay trailers for the game, which you can watch on Multiplayer Games.

San Diego's recent Comic Con revealed a crap-storm of new of stuff. TERA unveiled a few new game-enriching mechanics: The Glyph System, achievements, and an improved user-interface

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