Monday, November 1, 2010

Dracozombie's last two months in Video Game Trailers: September and October

Yep, I've slacked. I haven't gotten my shit together, but I decided that I really need to put these links here. So I'm getting my shit together now.

Without further adéu, here is the lenghty list of articles I wrote for my National Video Game Trailers column on

Capcom released its second episode of the Marvel vs. Capcom trailer. It is awesome. Dr. Doom and Super Skrull versus Chun Li, Captain America, Trish, Amaterasu and Viewtiful Joe? How can it not be awesome!

Devil May Cry is getting a reboot (DmC), which I can't say I'm very happy with. Dante looks like a hobo punk the developers pulled off the streets of England. The action is cinematic, but I can't really tell what the gameplay is going to look like. Here's to hoping it turns out well.

Alice, Madness Returns is a title I am looking forward to. The first title was critically acclaimed, but I never played it. This one looks like an evolution of that wonderfully twisted and deliciously macabre magic: I will definitely pick it up when it hits.

Square-Enix revealed a brief Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy trailer at the Tokyo Game Show, which you can view in my article. An extended version was also released some time later, which includes all of the footage from the former, plus lots of new contend. Tifa is revealed at the end of this trailer, which made many a man cream his pants at the sight.

A sexy trailer, narrated by Jason Isaacs, gives us a look at Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I still haven't played it, but I will get my copy some time this week. I promise you the review will be up as soon as possible.

Sega gives us a look at the newest Sonic title: Sonic Colors. The gameplay trailer showcases what players can expect from the blue blur in his latest outing.

A silly and quirky little game called Vikings Row! is scheduled for release for the iPhone. Two short teaser trailers were released, which you can watch here and here.

Keiji Inafune and Capcom reveal Mega Man Legends 3! Inafune reveals Capcom's master plan in a neat video, which you can view in my article. Sweet!

I uploaded the full TGS trailer of The 3rd Birthday, which you can watch in my article. They decided to re-work Aya's personality for this PSP iteration of the game, which is weird, to say the least. Chalk it up to amnesia.

I uploaded the TGS trailer for Okamiden as well. Watch it and melt at the overwhelming cuteness of it all! If you don't feel like petting Chibi from watching this trailer, you have no fucking soul.

Warren Spector and a few developers got together to explain storytelling, and what sets Epic Mickey apart from other games in a video called "Epic Mickey - Behind the Scenes: Storytelling." Watch it, because this game is looking really good.

Platinum Games and Sega has released an enemies trailer for their sexy-tastic action/shooter Vanquish. I regret to say that I haven't bought it yet, but I can't seem myself not pick this up soon. it's too bloody awesome.

Finally, we get an english gameplay trailer for Ys: The Oath in Felghana. I asked for a review copy, because I'm dying to play this bad-boy, but I'll definitely pick it up if it doesn't show. Ys is that good.

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